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From the Pastor's Study

All Things are Possible...Really?
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When the angel Gabriel told the mother of Jesus that she would conceive and bear a son, and that his name would be Emmanuel, “God-with-us,” Mary could not imagine how that could possibly happen. 


But the angel had more to say: “And now, your relative Elizabeth in her  older age has also conceived a son; and this is the sixth month for her who was said to be barren. For nothing will be impossible with God.” (Luke 1:36-37)


Are all things possible with God? The assertion that “all things are possible for God” sounds like something an angel, or Jesus might say with confidence. But what about those of us who are 



What does it even mean to say: “All things are possible with God”?


Can we learn to fly? Can we get rich over night?

Can we bring about world peace?

Can we add an inch to our stature or a day to our life?


There seem to be any number of things that are quite impossible. So, what is the hope given to us with these astonishing words of promise?


Let me suggest three ways we can pray to be changed so we can live into God’s passionate desire to change our lives for the good, even when we think: “That’s impossible!”


We underestimate what God can do.

As human beings, our powers, in every way, are limited. God, as Creator of the universe and author of all time-space relationships, can do anything God wills. Anything at all. Do not underestimate God! 


We lack God’s creative imagination.

Mary had never thought of the incarnation of God as a human being as a way of setting the healing of the creation in motion. The disciples could not dream up, or even accept, the death of Jesus on the cross as a gateway to bringing in the Kingdom of God. God thoughts are not our thoughts. We need to pray for divine imagination!


We ask far too little from God. 

Jesus taught:  Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matthew 7: 7-8) We may be tempted to doubt that God hears and answers our prayers. But perhaps we need to stretch our imaginations, and trust God’s power to do what we cannot.


As we begin this new fall season let’s think big! Let’s allow our imaginations to run wild! And in constant prayer, let us ask not just for what we think we need, but for what God has lovingly in mind for us at Swissvale, and in our daily lives. It may well be greater than anything we have thought or imagined!

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